Why Do Patients Prefer iSorriso?

It's Easy    |    It's Simple    |    It's Free!

Our mission at iSorriso is to help Patients can find the right Healthcare Provider for themselves and their families. Designed with the patient in mind, iSorriso helps patients find healthcare providers quickly and effectively. iSorriso is dedicated to creating the largest healthcare provider network in the world, giving patients direct access to information such as:

  • Local doctors, dentists, and pharmacists
  • Photos of providers and their practices
  • Healthcare providers’ credentials
  • Direct appointment requests
  • Verified patient reviews
  • Contact information
  • Hours of operation
  • Choose providers by your insurance – coming soon!
  • Chat directly with the practice at anytime – coming soon!

Why do Healthcare Providers Prefer iSorriso?

Exposure    |    Patients    |    Referrals!

iSorriso is designed with patients in mind but for Healthcare Providers. Our mission is to help Healthcare Providers get more exposure, more patients, and more referrals. A recent survey showed that convenience is one of the most important factors when choosing the right doctor. 74% of patients said the “ability to take appointments right away” plays a major role in their decision process when choosing the right doctor. Having the ability to accept a call at your practice is no longer enough. Patients want to see your practice, know how long you’ve been in business, see reviews and recommendations, chat with the practice and more. Patients have demanded convenience and thats what iSorriso provides. At the right are the top influences when choosing a dentist according to a survey performed by FutureDontics.
iSorriso provides simple solutions for patients and Healthcare Providers alike. Patients can quickly evaluate doctors and other providers, effectively get their questions answered, and schedule appointments.

Responsive Design

Today, it is very important to not only have a website, but to have a digital presence thats modern and responsive for your patients. Healthcare Providers also have to consider mobile users. 57% of all American adults use their cell phone for the internet or e-mail. Meaning, if a doctors website is not able to be viewed appropriately on a mobile application, you are losing up to 57% of your target market! iSorriso, is mobile responsive, allowing all users to effectively find you on their computer or mobile device.

  • 83% want to find a doctor within a day
  • 60% of internet searches are made on smart phones
  • 55% of mobile users want to purchase within an hour
  • 69% of mobile users EXPECT the doctor they find to be within 5 miles

Detailed Analytics

It's incredibly important for each doctors office to understand not only their patients, but where they come from. Only with the correct information can a provider determine if a marketing platform is yielding a positive ROI. With our detailed analytics, we will be able to show you information such as:

  • How many users have come to your site over a specific period of time
  • How many potential patients are looking at your profile in real time
  • How this weeks web traffic compares to last weeks
  • How this years web traffic compares to last years
  • Determine you ROI with iSorriso


Patients want their doctors to be convenient. Over 74% of patients say the “ability to take appointments right away” plays a decisive role in their decision to choose a doctor. Additionally, doctors should be seeing new patients within 48 hours of the patients first contact. By doing so, patient show up rates increase by 56%! Different patients prefer different methods of communication. iSorriso offers all forms of communication, so patients can schedule appointments however they feel comfortable. Patients can:

  • Call the doctors office directly
  • E-mail to request an appointment
  • CareChat live with the doctor office to schedule an appointment
  • Book an appointment through our integrated software management

Reviews & Ratings

Today, doctors reviews are just as important as their credentials. 70% of patients say online ratings and reviews influence their doctor decision making process. Whats more, people are willing to pay up to 99% more for a service with an “excellent” rating than one with merely a “good” rating depending upon the product category or service! So it's very important for doctors to have positive reviews and be aware of all the reviews out there. iSorriso has only verified reviews for our patients to read. The only thing better that great patient reviews is great peer reviews. As part of the iSorriso network, doctors can connect and recommend other doctors. Patients no longer have to rely on verified patients reviews alone.

CareChat – coming soon!

Patients Love A Live Chat! It's important to offer an array of contact options for perspective patients. After all, if your website or digital presence is the first contact to your perspective patients, you should have all the necessary ways to communicate with patients. Nowadays, most patient users have a short time span in which they want to find answers and there is no way to build a digital presence that answers every users questions immediately. Thats why we offer CareChat. Users can get answers immediately and make decisions faster. Translating to more patients at your practice today!

  • 73% of users are satisfied after using a live chat, higher than any other form of customer support such as email, telephone, or social media.
  • 42% of users selected a live chat as their preferred method of receiving support, higher than any other support method.
  • 44% of users reported that having a live person answer their questions during an online decision was one of the most important features that a website could offer.
  • While making an online decision, 83% of users needed live support for assistance.
  • 94% of users proactively invited to chat were somewhat or very satisfied with their experience.
  • 90% of users find a live chat helpful overall.

A Live Chat Increases Sales!  Bottom line, everyone with a website is selling their services and doctors are no different.  Today, patients are drawn towards websites and social media that is as easy and appealing as smart phones and gives them the answers the are looking for immediately. In the medical environment, new patients scheduling appointments are sales.

  • 62% of users are (more) inclined to make online purchases if a live chat user support is available.
  • 38% of users have said that they have made a purchase due to a good live chat session itself!

Live Chat Creates Loyal Patients!  Loyal patients are returning patients.  The average doctor practice looses 15% of their patients annually.  Patients are more likely to chat with a practice in need of a quick question answered instead of call.

  • 63% of users reported that they are more likely to return to a site that offers live chat.
  • A live chat reduces the number of live calls, which is better for practices since your front desk person can support multiple chats but not multiple calls.
  • Returning
  • Lost

A Live Chat Is Quick!  The world today is extremely fast and patients, like any internet users, are looking for fast, quick solutions.  A live chat is the solution.

  • 79% of respondents in one survey said they preferred a live chat because they received quick answers.
  • 60% of users said that they hated waiting longer than a minute for a reply
.  It takes on average only 23 seconds for a live chat response, and only 46 seconds to answer a users question.
  • 45% of US users will abandon an online transaction if their questions or concerns aren’t addressed quickly.